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Regional mapping

With the purpose of identifying potential interested actors, the Clean Sky 2 has developed a mapping of MS and regions with an interest in engaging into cooperation with the CSJU, based on their Smart Specialisation Strategies and information available through other sources (such as the CSJU States' Representative Group, the RIS3 platform, the European Commission (DG RTD and DG REGIO), the EACP and the EU-funded AirTN Network action).

The provisional mapping elaborated by the Clean Sky 2 already demonstrates that many Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3) and Operational Programmes from 2014-2020 include aeronautics or areas which correlate to the Clean Sky Programme (air transport, mobility, materials, composites, engines, manufactures, CO2 reduction etc.) as thematic areas/priorities for ESIF funding.

It is notable that the interest comes not only from the more classic 'aeronautics regions' of Europe, but also from regions which consider it as a potential way of increasing their R&I capabilities in cross-cutting areas, with could present possible market opportunities in aeronautics, cooperation at the European level and to the boost the competitiveness of their stakeholders.