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Here you’ll find all the latest news on Clean Sky. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any press queries. Clean Sky audiovisual content can be found on our Flickr and YouTube sites below, and all content can be repurposed by the media (with copyright attributed Clean Sky). Sign up to our newsletter below for regular updates on Clean Sky activities!


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Multimedia content is available from our Flickr channel and YouTube.
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Putting the pieces together: assembly of RACER begins!

14 April 2021

A milestone has been reached for Clean Sky 2’s RACER demonstrator, which has started its assembly following the arrival of the central fuselage from

LiBAT develops lightweight battery powerful enough to sustain flight

22 March 2021

Using electricity from renewable energy sources to power airplanes could cut overall greenhouse gas emissions drastically.


Highlights 2020

April 2021

Joint Undertakings for cutting-edge research in Europe

November 2020