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World’s largest fan blades in production for next-generation UltraFan demonstrator

12 February 2020

Rolls-Royce has started manufacture of the world’s largest fan blades for the UltraFan demonstrator engine, part of the Clean Sky 2 programme.

Clean Sky IDEAS. A breath of fresh air

03 February 2020

Noise reduction in the aircraft cabin is beneficial to passenger wellbeing and comfort during flight.

Regional cooperation key for achieving Clean Sky objectives

23 January 2020

Representatives of several European regions came together on 23 January at a workshop organised by the Brandenburg region, and supported by Clean Sky, to share their expe

ARGOS: A new spin on Clean Sky innovation

20 January 2020

Running propeller-driven aircraft in the SAT category on jet fuel rather than avgas – the conventional fuel of General Aviation – yields substantial operational and envir

11th Call for Proposals now published

15 January 2020

The 11th Call for Proposals (CfP11) was published on 14 January via the European Commission’s

Innovative fuel storage system explored in DEFENDER project

13 January 2020

The DEFENDER project, part of Clean Sky 2’s Fast Rotorcraft technology platform, recently passed its Critical Design Review (CDR) in a key step forward for the Next Gener

Contributing projects to the Disruptive Cockpit for LPA

06 January 2020

Clean Sky's ambitious 'Disruptive Cockpit for Large Passenger Aircraft' initiative is supported by contributing projects that leverage emerging and evolving disruptive te

Taking the heat: DiDi-FaCT tests power diodes to the limit

16 December 2019

The trend towards the electrification of aircraft means greater use of power electronics and the scaling up of electrical generators to cope with the growing power demand

Campania Region opens an R&I aeronautics call on its RIS3 priorities aligned with Clean Sky 2

09 December 2019

A regional call was launched by the Campania Region of Italy on 15 November 2019 which allocates €20 million of available funding for regional aeronautics priorities alig

AIRCONTACT’19: Clean Sky leading the way towards climate-neutral aviation

05 December 2019

Clean Sky participated in the AIRCONTACT’19 event organised by the Aerospace Cluster Styria (ACstyria), which took place in Graz (Austria) on 3-4 December 2019.