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Clean Bill of Health for Joint Undertakings

19 November 2020

The European Court of Auditors has announced that all of the EU’s Joint Undertakings have been given a clean bill of health!

DEFLECT launches four multifunctional integrable panels for greener aircraft

16 November 2020

The goal of the DEFLECT project was to develop a material or structure that would enable the efficient integration of mechanical and electrical elements.

ICTUS: A light, reliable and smart instrumented cradle designed for flight

12 November 2020

A light, reliable and smart instrumented cradle designed for flight.

Making engines eco-friendly: An All-Oxide Inner Turbine Duct for Aero-Engines

09 November 2020

The AllOxITD project goal was to developed an all-oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) inter turbine duct.

Skyline 30: Join our SMEs’ network has landed!

05 November 2020

Two months ago, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described SMEs as the “motor of our economy” and the “engine of our recovery”.

Innovative design for tilt rotor nacelle and intake duct breezes through wind tunnel test

04 November 2020

TRINIDAT project took their latest model out for a spin in the DNW-LLF wind tunnel testing facilities, with positive results!

Cool your jets: ICOPE tackles new challenges in thermal management

02 November 2020

The trend in aviation towards electrification presents new challenges, one of which is managing the unwanted by-product of electrical systems: heat.

Clean Sky and Sweden: Delivering climate-neutral aviation together

29 October 2020

Sweden has a proud history in aeronautics, and Clean Sky’s Executive Director was honoured to present CS’s sustainable aviation programme at Innovair’s annual meeting today.

SORCERER: Clean Sky wizardry for multifunctional aircraft composites

26 October 2020

Electrically-powered aircraft mean lower carbon emissions and cleaner air, benefiting European citizens.

AddMan yields lightweight airframe components using additive manufacturing techniques

19 October 2020

Clean Sky’s project AddMan successfully closed this year, having developed an airframe component that is much lighter.