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Clean Bill of Health for Joint Undertakings

19 November 2020

The European Court of Auditors has announced that all of the EU’s Joint Undertakings have been given a clean bill of health!

The auditors have signed off the 2019 accounts of all the Joint Undertakings. This means that the accounts reliably present their financial situation, and that there are no material faults in their payment and revenue transactions according to accounting rules.  

“The added value of Joint Undertakings is that the EU, private industry and research groups are partners for the common good. This brings innovation and economic growth”, said Ildikó GállPelcz, the member of the European Court of Auditors responsible for the audit. “Our audit for 2019 confirms that their financial management is healthy, although several aspects can be further improved, for instance the management of procurements, grant payments and human resources.”

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