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Axel Krein on Berlin Aviation Summit panel @ Aerodays 2020

24 November 2020

The long-anticipated 8th European Aeronautics Days (#Aerodays2020) will kick off with the Berlin Aviation Summit on 24 November 2020.

The theme of the Summit is Aviation for the Future – Change is NOW! and our Executive Director Axel Krein will present on the Future of Aeronautic Technologies, showcasing the best of Clean Sky 2 to date, envisaging the future of green aviation and discussing how the sector will rebuild itself after COVID-19.

“The COVID-19 pandemic hit the European aviation sector hard, and the sector is still facing significant challenges. However, difficult times present us with new opportunities,” said Axel. “We need to rebuild our economies and reframe our societies, and this new reality could and should incorporate an increased emphasis on green solutions. Clean Sky is more determined than ever to make climate-neutral aviation a reality, in alignment with the European Commission and in support of the European Green Deal and the economic recovery ahead. I look forward to discussing the way forward during #AeroDays2020.”

Clean Sky 2 has always had an ambitious remit, seeking to foster innovations that can radically change aircraft and to develop new strategies that will dramatically reduce the impact of air transport on the environment.  At our online exhibit, as part of Aerodays 2020, you can see first-hand some of the technologies that Clean Sky 2 is developing – visit it here.

Clean Sky 2’s success is due in no small part to the open and inclusive nature of this public-private partnership, which harnesses the skills and talents of innovative entrepreneurs and open-minded students, as well as industry experts and researchers. 37.4% of all participants in Clean Sky 2 are SMEs, while 16.7% are universities. 

A network of 5000 scientists and engineers has sprung up around Clean Sky 2’s objectives, working together to achieve the goal of developing environmentally-friendly aircraft with 20-30% less CO2 emissions, 20-30% less NOx, and 20-30% lower noise levels compared to today’s fleet. 

We look forward to #Aerodays 2020 and the Berlin Aviation Summit – join us there this week and take a look at our online stand!