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POWER ON for the Regional Flight Test Bed 2 Demonstrator!
POWER ON for the Regional Flight Test Bed 2 Demonstrator!
Ambitious R&I investment will enable aviation to move towards climate neutrality
Ambitious R&I investment will enable aviation to move towards climate neutrality
Event Summary: Clean Sky Spring Event 2021
Spring event
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Innovation for better cabin air with the Electrical Environmental Control System

29 April 2021

Liebherr-Aerospace’s Electrical Environmental Control System (eECS) aims to provide reliable air supply, thermal control and cabin pressurisation for the crew and passengers on board an aircraft.

Highlights 2020

16 April 2021

Clean Sky’s Highlights 2020 report outlines our key achievements during this extraordinary year, from our technology developments to participation figures to the Technology Evaluator.

Putting the pieces together: assembly of RACER begins!

14 April 2021

A milestone has been reached for Clean Sky 2’s RACER demonstrator, which has started its assembly following the arrival of the central fuselage from Romania.

LiBAT develops lightweight battery powerful enough to sustain flight

22 March 2021

Using electricity from renewable energy sources to power airplanes could cut overall greenhouse gas emissions drastically.

Racer’s centre fuselage completed and ready to leave Romania

15 March 2021

Romania’s RoRCraft consortium, formed by INCAS -National Institute for Aerospace Research Elia Cafaroli- and the aerospace company ROMAERO, has finalised the centre fuselage of the Racer demonstrator, which has been presented today in an event held in Bucharest.

Axel Krein on progress in aircraft and engines by 2050 at the Académie de l’air et de l’espace

11 March 2021

Clean Sky 2’s Executive Director Axel Krein spoke at the Académie de l’air et de l’espace (Air and Space Academy)’s event entitled ‘Air transport in crisis and the climate challenge: Towards new paradigms'.

Clean Sky 2 technology progress – contribution to the environmental performance of the next generation of aircraft

09 March 2021

Aernnova Aerospace SA and the Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering department at the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) are hosting an online conference on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 March 2021.

“Fly high, fly green – climate-neutral aviation by 2050” Axel Krein @ Industry Days

24 February 2021

The impact of aviation on all of our lives is immense. What needs to be done to make aviation greener, without compromising on the economic gains that the sector brings?

EU to set up a new European Partnership for Clean Aviation

23 February 2021

Today, the European Commission announced its proposal for the future European Partnerships, in a number of strategic industrial sectors including aviation and as

A “tail” of better aerodynamics: NEXTTRIP

23 February 2021

The empennage, also known as the “tail” of an aircraft, provides much-needed stability and directional control to the plane.

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Clean Sky 2 Results Stories

Innovative technologies Clean Sky 2

Technology Evaluator

What is the value of technology developed under Clean Sky?

Large Passenger Aircraft

What is a Large Passenger Aircraft and what are the challenges?

Regional Aircraft

What is a Regional Aircraft and what are the opportunities?

Fast Rotorcraft IADP

Rotorcraft and “fast” rotorcraft - what are the key challenges?


What is the Airframe ITD and what are the challenges?


What is the Engines ITD and what are the challenges?


What are Systems and what are the challenges?

Small Air Transport

What is Small Air Transport and what are the challenges?


What is Eco-Design and what are the challenges?
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Roadmap to climate-neutral aviation

Highlights 2020

April 2021

Joint Undertakings for cutting-edge research in Europe

November 2020

Skyline 30: Join our SMEs’ network has landed!

November 2020
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The cabin experience of the future with Clean Sky's RATIOS project
hydrogen-powered aviation
Hydrogen-powered aviation: preparing for take-off!
less is more
Less is more: Clean Sky's EWIRA project cuts assembly costs by 25%