Future achievements

Clean Sky's projects are helping to dramatically slash the air industry's CO2, other gases and noise footprints by developing new engine architectures, improved wing aerodynamics, lighter composite structures, smarter trajectories, and more electrical on-board energy.

While some technologies can be assessed during their development phase at component or system level, many key technologies will need to be validated via dedicated test programmes, involving large-scale ground or in-flight demonstration installations: this is the major goal of Clean Sky. These demonstrators integrate several technologies at a major system level or at aircraft level, enabling them to be tested in a relevant operating environment.

To date, more than 30 main demonstrators of different sizes, some of which are in a technical sequence, are being developed at a very high technological maturity level. In the following section the most significant and representative demonstrators from each ITD are presented with the highlights of their content.

The timeline below shows some examples of cutting-edge technologies leading to those results.


Achieved Planned

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