Clean Sky 1 Closing event

Clean Sky 1 Closing Event:
‘Europe, Innovation and Aviation – Are we keeping up?’



The Hotel

Boulevard de Waterloo 38,

1000 Brussels


The Clean Sky event ‘Europe, Innovation and Aviation – Are we keeping up?’, took place on 21-22 March in Brussels to mark the closing of the Clean Sky 1 programme. The event featured many keynote speeches by high-level representatives from the industry, European Parliament and the European Commission, including Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research and Innovation. The technical platforms of Clean Sky 1 were the focus of the second day of the event, with breakout sessions dedicated to reporting the results and achievements. Several award ceremonies took place during the event to honour those who have supported the Clean Sky programme, including Chairs of the Governing Board and members of the Scientific Committee and States Representative Group, and awards for the Best Project from Partners and Best PhD were also presented.



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Carlos Moedas – European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation



Systems for Green Operations:

Electric Flight Test Demonstrator takes to the skies

Time and Energy Managed Operations - NLR in Clean Sky


Green Rotorcraft:

Active Gurney Flap - Green Rotorcraft

Ground demonstration of the Electrical Tail Rotor for Green Rotorcraft

Innovative technologies for Green Rotorcraft

Bluecopter Demonstrator takes to the skies

Successful flight test of High Compression Engine


Green Regional Aircraft:

First flight of ATR72 Demonstrator



SAGE - Sustainable and Green Engines

0. SAGE - General Overview

1. SAGE - Open Rotor

2. SAGE 

3. SAGE - ALPS (Advance Low Pressure System)

4. SAGE - MTU Aero Engines

5. SAGE - Safran Helicopter Engines

6. SAGE - ALECSYS (Advance Lean Combustion System)


Eco Design

1. ECO - Eco Design General Overview

2. ECO - Copper Bird Electrical Test Bench

3. ECO - Thermal Modelling and Validation on the Thermal Bench

4. ECO - Eco-Design for Airframe

5. ECO - Lessons learnt, the way forward and key partner contribution


Systems for Green Operations

1. SGO - Systems for Green Operations General Presentations

2. SGO - Electrical Flight Test Demonstrator


Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft

1. SFWA - General Overview

2. SFWA - BLADE project

3. SFWA - Demonstrator for Future Business Jets

4. SFWA - Research Centres Activities within SFWA


Green Regional Aircraft

1. GRA - General Overview

2. GRA - Technologies Development

3. GRA - Major Achievements

4. GRA - Partnerships Management and Performance


Green Rotorcraft

1. GRC - Airbus Helicopters

2. GRC - Leonardo Helicopters


Technology Evaluators

1. TE - General Overview



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