Clean Sky aims to fully disseminate the projects and technological results achieved within the programme. The dissemination activities in this section are particularly addressed towards the European scientific and academic community. They play a pivotal role within Clean Sky and underpin the success of the programme.

The Clean Sky 1 programme, started in 2009, is centred around six main technology platforms (wings, engines, systems, regional planes, rotorcraft and eco-design) which are delivering ground-breaking results. Clean Sky 2 launched in 2014 and is a natural continuation of the first programme, with even greater technological ambitions. Both programmes contribute to Clean Sky’s main objective: reducing the environmental footprint of aviation by 2020 and beyond.

This section provides detailed information on Clean Sky’s technological results.


The Dissemination and Exploitation activities performed by the beneficiaries have been organized for Framework. The Clean Sky 1 D&E activities are showed under the  folder FP7  that is structured for ITD’s.

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