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Fontaine à eau & Ustensiles et Services associés
Référence: CSJU.2018.NP.01 
Date limite de requête du cahier des charges: 09/07/2018
Ex-ante Publication – Notice


Open call for tenders related to the multiple framework service contact in cascade on communication services

  • LOT1 - Strategic communication, editorial support, publications and graphic design
  • LOT2 - Digital communications
  • LOT3 - Events
  • LOT4 - Web-site development and maintenance
    • Reference: CSJU.2017.OP.01


Negotiated procedure on analysis and forecast of the socio-economic impact of Clean Sky.
Reference: CSJU.2016.NP.02


Negotiated procedure on production of the dissemination materials "Clean Sky Results Book".
Reference: CSJU.2015.NP.03


Contracts awarded by the CSJU

Find hereafter the list of contracts awarded by the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking:

List of contracts 2014

List of contracts 2015

List of contracts 2016

List of contracts 2017


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