Clean Sky is the largest European research programme developing innovative, cutting-edge technology aimed at reducing CO2, gas emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft. Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, Clean Sky contributes to strengthening European aero-industry collaboration, global leadership and competitiveness.

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Propulsion: Safran Aircraft Engines

07 December 2018

Under Europe’s Clean Sky research program, Safran ground-tested a full

Flying Beyond 2020: 4th European Aeronautics Conference

06 December 2018

The 4th European Aeronautics Conference took place on 5 December in th

Clean Sky Governing Board elects new Chairman and Deputy Chairman

05 December 2018

The Clean Sky Governing Board yesterday elected its new Chairman and D

Campania signs up 8 projects under the MoU with Clean Sky

27 November 2018

The Campania Regional Minister for Innovation, Valeria Fascione, annou


Clean Sky 2 results

Airbus BLADE Makes First Flight


9th Call for Proposals (CFP09)

9th Call for Proposals was launched on 6 November

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Clean Sky Academy and Thematic Topics

Working with universities and research centres to involve the engineers of tomorrow!

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Skyline 26 has landed!

Discover Clean Sky 2 innovative results and other contributions.

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